An Intro to PFI

Pacific Fermentation Ind. Ltd. (PFI) was founded in 1982 for the purpose of manufacturing baker's yeast. Prior to 1985, many dough improvers and other baking ingredients were produced. In 1985, yeast manufacturing was established.

Today all types of yeast are produced including Liquid Cream Yeast (LY), Block Yeast (CY) and Instant Active Dry Yeast (IADY). For countries where 25-30% of sugar is used in the dough a special "High Sugar" (IADY) is offered.

Yeast quality and consistency is vital to the success of any bread making process. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that the same fermentation power is attained batch after batch.

PFI supports bakers in their ongoing efforts to make the best possible product. PFI provides technical services to bakers anywhere, anytime as needed. Our bakery technologists advise bakers and give demonstrations to help bakers solve any problems.